Evaluation of Professor D.

Professor D. is really a professional photographer. Also, she is a good teacher. She attaches great importance to class manners. She provides us many approaches to learn photography in many aspects. I learnt a lot knowledge about shooting photos in this class. For the final book project, I feel like I have no time to finish this assignment well, so it will be better if Professor D. could give us more time to do this assignment.


Blogs Evaluation

Photo Booth and MOPA are my favorite two assignments. Photo Booth’s project was a new experience for me. I never talked to so many strangers in one day. Although I felt a little embarrassed when I was rejected by others, I met a lot of kind-hearted people who were willing to help me finish the project. In return, I gave them some snacks, I feel happy that I offered them some benefits, not just ask them for help. So I like this special assignment.

I also like the MOPA assignment, which gives me a chance to appreciate the works of other artists. They are very professional, and their work show that they have great passion for art, which may be the qualities I lack and need to improve. MOPA visiting is helpful for me to have access to the works of other excellent artists. I am very happy to get a lot of inspiration from their work.

The homework of Big Mac may not be very difficult for me. However, I don’t quite understand the purpose of this homework. It is my least favorite assignment.


These three photos were taken in the classroom of the art building. These three characters are my classmates in video class. I made artificial light by myself. The light comes from the left, top and right side of the head. The light source in the third photo is closer to the face of the character, so it looks brighter than the other two.


The subject of this assignment was myself, and I used a tripod and a DSLR camera.
I live with my host family, my host parents like collecting antiques, and their house is classical European style. I decided to do my photography in the house.
In order to match the environment well, I wore a long skirt. I used photoshop to edit it.
I Reduced the contrast and brightness of these photos, and I added some blur effect and old paper effect to them. I like this assignment because it is a style of photography that I haven’t tried before.


Picture of exhibitions

During the spring break, I visited the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. I attended two exhibitions. The first exhibition is Talking With A Friend. The photographs showed in this exhibition are all portraits. The actions and expressions of the characters in these portraits are different and very vivid, making people feel that it is not a static picture but an ongoing event. Some of them are sitting, some of them are standing, some of them are looking at the camera and some of them are talking with others. It makes me feel like I’m in the environment with the characters. One of the things I really appreciate about this exhibition is how well the photographer blend the characters into their backgrounds and environments. Once visitors see these pictures, they can quickly connect the characters with the environment. Visitors can easily get information and imagine stories about those pictures. Audience can also analyze the identity of the main character in the portrait. Inspired by this photo, I took a portrait of my friend. She is a lover of photography. I took this picture of her with a camera in her hand. I blurred out the rest of the image except the main body, so it helps to highlight the main object in the image. I don’t think this exhibition is very attractive to me. I prefer the photographs in the second exhibition.

The second exhibition is Defining Place/Space: Contemporary Photography from Australia. I think the style of this exhibition is ambiguous and interesting. I like the two pictures about light, shadow and fog. They give a sense of mystery. Inspired by this art work, I took the photo which is a hand under the sunshine. I love the sun radiating and having some green halos in that picture. I like the photo with the thick smoke and flames showed in the second exhibition. In this photo, there is a clear demarcation line between sky and land. I like it very much and I was inspired by it. I took the photo with leaves. In these two photographs of leaves, the shadow of the leaves in the sunlight forms the dividing line with the light area. The top of the square stone that receives the light and the side of the stone in the shadow form a dividing line. I think it is interesting. The last picture I took was inspired by the portrait and the mirror. There is only one person in this picture, but the two mirrors make it looks like there are three people in this picture. In my bedroom, there are also two mirrors very close to each other, so I took this picture which is similar to the style in the exhibition. I took away the color of the picture and made it black and white and I did that in order to make the picture mysterious.

Photo Booth Project

I was going to Double Peak park to do my Photo Booth project, but for some reason,I could not go there. Then my friend Alexis and I went to Discover Lake park. I finished my project there.
At first I felt so embarrassed and I didn’t want to ask the strangers if I could take photos of them. When I first tried it, the first stranger was very willing to help us with the project, so I was encouraged and I began to have confidence to ask the next person.
There are a lot of people who feel that I take pictures of them, then they can get some snacks, which is a good deal.
There were also some strangers, they just wanted to help me with the project, they didn’t take any snacks.
I asked 25 strangers to do this project, and three or four of them said they didn’t want to be photographed. Although this made me feel a little bit depressed, I said “thank you” to them.
This shooting program lasted for nearly two hours. It was a tough time, but I think this program is meaningful. I like it. In my opinion, this project gives me a chance to try to communicate with strangers and to get to know them.
I came to the conclusion through this project which is a lot of people like Kit Kat over Hershey’s chocolate. Because at the end of the shooting program, I checked bags of free snacks that I prepared. I found that the bag of Kit Kat was empty, but there was still a lot of chocolate left in the Hershey’s bag.