Mapplethorpe Look at the Pictures 2017 Documentary

First of all, I would like to say that I respect the works of all artists. But it’s hard for me to appreciate Robert Mapplethrope’s style of photography. Perhaps in that era when people’s ideas were not so open, it was of great significance and creativity to use photography to express sex. One thing I learned from this video is that an artist doesn’t have to follow the mainstream of society. Artists should have their own style and their thoughts should not be swayed by others.


5 Styles of Studio Lighting

On Thursday’s class, we had an operation class in the studio of school’s library. I learned five styles of studio lighting. They are Broad lighting, Short lighting, Side lighting, Rembrandt lighting and Butterfly lighting. I think this class is very interesting. Studio is a magical and helpful place where people could use artificial lights from different directions to create the portraits they want. I think the shooting style of the guest Arthur Marquez is very cool. Diving photography is awesome. Divers could see the unique underwater scenery which is invisible to ordinary people. I hope I can learn to dive in the future!

TED TALK: Be an artist, right now

After watching this TED Talk, I want to say that sometimes art is not fair to everyone. If a famous artist paints a piece of paper on black, this painting will be hung in the gallery, people will stop at this painting, appreciate it. However, an ordinary person doing the same thing will be considered as not respecting art. If in the world of art, people blindly believe in authority, the imagination and creativity of ordinary people will be killed, which is sad.

Environmental Portrait

Faith lives in the Quad. I shot these pictures at her room. She plays the guitar which is very cool for me, so I decided to shoot the photos that she is playing the guitar. The first one is my favorite. I love her shining smile! I think this assignment is interesting. I made friends with Faith and Susan. They are nice people, and we had a great time chatting and working together.

After reading Letters to a Young Artist

I agree with the point in the book that artists should reach out to people in different fields. We should not trap ourselves at home and be isolated from the outside world. We should not only connect with artists, we need to know friends in various fields. I used to be a very introverted person. I usually stay at home and don’t want to meet new people. In this state of life, my mood is low, and I feel bored. My art work lacks creativity. I decided to change when I went to college. I didn’t stay in the room all the time. I attended lots of school activities. I know two or three new friends almost every week. We hang out to shopping, eat, and chat. They come from different places, they study different majors. Sometimes I get inspiration during chatting with them, I often show them my artwork, their evaluation help me know how to improve myself. I feel that my life has become colorful. When you open your heart to the world, the world will open to you.

After Reading Everybody Street

Everybody Street is a great documentary about photography. Many photographers capture the random but beautiful moments of life: people crossing the sidewalk, people holding rallies, children frolicking… Some photographers, as Martha Cooper and Clayton Patterson said, usually face many difficulties and dangers in taking pictures. They sometimes get up before dawn and take pictures at the cold winter nights. Photographers often rejected by others, even threatened and beaten by others.

This reminds me of the experiences of taking photos at the seaside. When I took this picture, I was standing on a rock embankment which is more than ten meters high. I have acrophobia, in order to capture pictures of the sea from different angles, I had to climbed up the embankment, and my legs were shaking when I press the shutter. There will be a return to pay, and this picture is a piece of good memory for me.

In my opinion, Street photography is to capture the accidental events in life, not to arrange the action of the main character. Photography is telling the truth, and photographers are recording life in their own ways.